„I don’t know who is more pleased at your being here, Mama or Mr Bingley (…)
– Mr Bennet. It’s all going to plan. He’s half in love with her already.
– Who is, blossom?
– Mr Bingley. He doesn’t mind that she hasn’t a penny. He has more than enough for the two of them (…)
Mr Bingley’s nothing to us. I’m sure I never want to see him again, no.
We shan’t mention a word about it. Is it quite certain he’s coming?
-Yes, madam. I believe he’s alone. His sister remains in town.
-Why he thinks we should be interested, I’ve no idea. Come along, girls.” *

(Pride & Prejudice, 2005, United International Pictures Sp z o.o.)
(Writer: Deborah Moggach, Dialogues: Emma Thompson (uncredited)
Based on: Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice
Subtitles en: www.opensubtitles.org)

Your daughter does not want the young master,
how so, it limits me,
(August 2013)

pride and prejudice

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* For those that do not look it on fb and funpage not seen the movie, I would like to inform you that the volatility of the opinion quotes Mrs. Bennet (mother) in relation to a pair of Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet. The line is the imaginary dialogue that could take place if the question was about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.