„What do you got there?
Oh, it’s the Congreve Cube. It’s supposed to help me unlock some great mystery or something.
- Looks like a block of wood.
- It is.
Are you supposed to unlock a mystery with a block of wood?
It’s a magical block of wood, Mutant. It’s a block of wood that probably, in the right hands, would reveal some greatness that… we can’t even imagine.
That’s impossible.
This is what you don’t understand. What you have somehow missed.
Every minute of every day in every corner of this store, what happened was the impossible.
Do you honestly believe all that stuff?
- Yes!
- That this store was magic?
You never saw it.
That that block of wood is more than just a block of wood?
Absolutely. I believe it with my entire heart.
- (cube clatters)
- But the disheartening truth is that only Mr. Magorium could make it so.
- Um…
- It was his Emporium, not mine.
- J-Just, uh…
- Look, I appreciate
- you coming here, but it’s over.
- Say that thing about that block of wood that’s not magic.
It is magic.
- What is wrong with you, Mutant?
- Say it one more time, that that’s more than just a block of wood.
It is absolutely more than just a block of woo…
Well, it moves, for one thing.
Move. (scoffs)”

(Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, 2007, Best Film)
(Scenariusz: Zach Helm
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„- How should it be if no one ‚truth’ believe?
- Someone believes it al”

(Cloud Atlas, 2012, Kino Świat)
(Scenariusz: Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
Na podstawie: David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas (book)
Napisy en: opensubtitles.org) 

He was once a Puppet ,
everyone knew him under the name of Pinocchio,

(12:51-13:14, wrzesień 2013)


Pana Magorium cudowne emporium

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Pana Magorium cudowne emporium




Atlas chmur

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Atlas chmur

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