„-I’m not enough, not this time.
-Listen, Damon.
I know that you and I, we’ve been through some…
Bad spots lately, especially when it comes to her.
Yeah. Well…
Guess none of that matters anymore.
I just, um…
I want you to know that, um…
-I know, Stefan.
Elena, don’t do this.
We can find another cover story.
-This is the best one. No one’ll ask questions.
-Ok. If you burn down the house, it’ll be gone.
What if one day when this is all over,
you want to come home again?
-I won’t.”

(Vampire Diaries, 4×15, 2009-2013, Alloy Enteriament, CBS Television Studios, Outerbanks Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television)
(Na podstawie: L. J. Smith, Vampire Diaries & Brett Matthews
Napisy en: tvsubtitles.net)

„-I need more.
-Elena, stop.
-But you’re so good.
-Hey, hey. You’re cut off. Let go of me.
-Stop it. Enough. You are acting like a little spoiled brat.
You know that? You think that we can’t punish you.
Maybe not. But I can sure punish him. Elena.
-Seriously? You think this is… Shut up.
-I’m done playing nice. Turn your emotions back on right now, Elena,
or so help me, God, I will give you something to be sad about.
I will kill him right here in front of you.
-Damon. Don’t „Damon” me. If she doesn’t love anyone, fine.
Prove it. And if I’m wrong, what difference does it make?
One less bus boy. Elena…
-You’re bluffing.
-How about now? You feel anything now?
You angry I just turned your buddy into road kill?
Or are you sad that the guy that
everybody loves is just a bag of bones?
Remember when he was a little kid, huh?
Warm heart, big, goofy smile,his whole life ahead of him.
I guess it was a good idea that he was wearing (…)
-Oh, God, Matt.
-You feeling that weight lifting off your chest?
That’s joy. Because your friend isn’t dead.
That’s emotion, Elena. That’s humanity.
You’re gonna be ok.
– No.
– Look at me.
– No. No. No. It’s not ok.
– Elena.
– What I’ve done?
– Hey.
– No, no. What did I do? I almost killed him.
Matt. I almost… and then Bonnie and Caroline. I just…”

(Vampire Diaries, 4×21, *)

Druga maska przyszła mi do głowy,

Podczas, gdy o pierwszej pisałam.

Jest jeszcze wątek maski,


(czerwiec 2013)

* analogicznie do jw. informacje na temat serialu Vampire Diaries (Pamiętniki Wampirów), sezon 4, odcinek 21

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